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Hello there! We hope this FAQ section answers most of your questions. If you have other pressing queries, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to provide your with the info you need.

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Co-living is a new way of living where short-stay guests and long-stay residents share living spaces, interests, and values in a community-driven environment. At Komune Living & Wellness, we value openness, collaboration, and social networking. Komune Living & Wellness is composed of private rooms and common spaces such as communal kitchen, restaurant, laundry, open deck and more to bring everyone together.

Co-living is for anyone who is looking for long-term accommodation in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, or even a few night’s stay during their travels. All you have to do is to be ready to embrace a new way to live and connect with like-minded individuals.

Our best available rates might differ from time to time. For current prices, please click here.

Our rates are all-inclusive which covers utility bills, wi-fi, regular room cleaning, and usage of facilities. You can also get access to our community spaces like the open kitchen and dining, living area and lounge, warm swimming pool, KTV rooms, games room, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, and wellness facilities while a food hall with more than 12 food stalls cater to your every meal.

In normality, co-living concept hotel all over the world offers a no-frills stay, hence for Komune Living & Wellness we adopt the same concept as well. You can purchase our amenities pouch at our reception counter.

If you’re staying for a few nights, all you need to do is to select your stay dates and book your stay here.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to stay longer (for at least a month or longer), explore our long stay packages here.

We also encourage potential long-stay guests to come and experience our rooms and co-living spaces, meet our Sales team, and soak up the vibes that make us a great place to stay in Cheras.

Make an appointment to visit Komune Living & Wellness by registering here. We look forward to welcoming you.

You are more than welcomed to make your room feel more like home. Let your imagination roam freely but please do not damage or leave any permanent marks on the walls in any way. If you’re unsure if your idea could work, feel free to discuss with our friendly staff.

Yes, there will always be someone around to support and help.

No. However, please be courteous and considerate of other fellow guests who need their beauty sleep.

Because Komune Living & Wellness is your home, your workplace and your playground, the facilities offered are one of a kind shared spaces.

You get access to our community spaces like the community kitchen & dining, lounge, games room, launderette, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, and studios, while a café & restaurant and carpark facilities are also available.

There’s also an on-site studio rooms with spaces for activities and event for you to join the fun!

Our co-living concept. More than a hotel, Komune Living & Wellness's all-new co-living space and wellness concept is all about community, wellness experiences and a co-sharing experience with like-minded individuals and travelers.

With more communal spaces and interesting community events to invoke interaction and engagement, enjoy an all new value-smart, hassle-free co-living experience which seamlessly blends live, play and rejuvenate.

Check-in time is 3PM and check-out time is 11AM.

Early check-in and/or late check-out for Komune Living & Wellness are subject to availability upon request. If you would like an early check-in and/or late check-out, please let us know in advance. Depending on your request, there may be a small fee. We are happy to store and hold your luggage as long as you have a confirmed booking with us.

As Komune Living & Wellness is a strict non-smoking property. Please do not smoke in the room or in the public spaces within the building. Please smoke only in the dedicated smoking area. A fine of RM500 will be imposed if caught smoking outside of the decicated smoking area.

Laundry and dry cleaning is available for a fee. Please call our hosts if you wish to do so.

As much as we love our little furry friends. We do not allow pets.

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