Lucky Lucky Foodstore

Looking into the lush greenery of Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Lucky Lucky Foodstore is designed with an ambiance to buoy spirits and is an ideal destination for enjoyable meals and conversations. An uplifting, light-filled food hall with a modern personality, Lucky Lucky Foodstore is home to 12 food concepts, offering remarkable comfort fare through a variety of popular cuisine.

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Food Concepts and Stalls

Enjoy a variety of popular cuisine

After a sun-kissed day at the hotel pool or the Permaisuri lakeside park, head over to the air-conditioned food court that is conveniently located right next to the park on the Lower Ground floor of Komune Living & Wellness for a delightful meal. Whether it’s to savour the taste of wok hei in your fried rice or Cantonese noodles or the aromatic fragrance of the spices in your Nasi Lemak, Lucky Lucky Foodstore will delight you and your loved ones with its diverse range of tantalising local favourites and other cuisine options.

Our Stalls

A gastronomic experience for all

Lucky Kopi

Malaysian Kopitiam Style Offerings

Lucky Kopi pours forth cups of nostalgia and local heritage with each of its serving of Hainanese kopi. The kopi and a medley of other traditional milk drinks, both hot and cold, are perfect to go with traditional kaya toasts that are toasted and made by the order, sharing a slice of local heritage with today’s new generation of café-goers.

Sin Chuan Kee

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Sin Chuan Kee’s Hainanese chicken rice is made from antibiotic-free chicken, each slow-grown on an all-natural diet in free range. Each plate presents silky smooth and tender chicken accompanying fluffy fragranced rice, complete with the full chicken rice staples of cucumber slices, ground ginger and a house-made vinegared chilli sauce.

Fook Kin Chow

Fiery Wok-fried Goodness

Kuala Lumpur’s local ‘tai chow’ is given a modern spin at Fook Kin Chow, served in personal portions for one or two, suitable for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Traditional wok-frying methods retain the authentic ‘wok hei’ of each dish, whether you’re looking for a smoky Hokkien Mee or a seafood-filled Wat Tan Hor.

Lucky Noodle

Slurp on Your Favourites

From the crowd-favourite, Lucky Lucky Signature Curry Laksa, to tangy and appetising Asam Laksa and the latest addition of Chicken Charsiew Wanton Noodes, noodle lovers can look forward to amazing depths of flavour and texture from each and every noodle dish while being spoilt for choice with the variety available.

Tang Soup House

Nutritious Double-boiled Herbal Soup

Tang Soup House brings the best comfort and nourishment of herbal double-boiled soups, each simmered to perfection by authentic recipes and traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) herbs from medicine hall Tong Xin Tang. Certified by Tong Xin Tang’s accolade of pedigree doctors, the soups warm the heart, stomach and soul with accompaniments of rice and a medley of side dishes.

Komune Cafe

Local Mixed Rice

Specially cooked-up for those who always have trouble deciding what to eat, our local mixed rice allows you to freedom to build your own plate from the various selection prepared by our chefs. A mixture of home-style comfort dishes and other rich indulgent options which are the occasional treat, look forward to different dishes every day and pick what you like.

Our Tenants

Other hearty flavours to savour

Yin Dim Sum

Lucky Lucky Foodstore

Dim sum-body say Dim Sum? Piping hot and in bamboo steamers or small plates, these bite-sized delicacies are extremely hard to resist. While there aren't many spots around Klang Valley that serve pork-free dim sum, this stall sure does. So grab a friend and head on over for a Dim Sum date.

Yin Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

Lucky Lucky Foodstore

Serving up bowls of warmth and comfort, Yin's receipe for this classic hawker dish “kai si hor fun” or chicken with flat noodles, hails all the way from Ipoh, Perak. Expect a well-balanced and flavoursome broth with slick noodles, firm prawns and smooth chicken or customise your bowl the way you want it with the various toppings available.

Mclean Vegetarian Food

Lucky Lucky Foodstore

With opening hours as early as 7.00am, this vegetarian stall offers separate menus for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. Crowd favourites for breakfast include the Leicha with Steamed Brown Rice and Tasty Porridge, while the Loh Mee and other wok-fried items like the Hokkien and Cantonese style noodles are a hit for the later meals of the day.

Singgah Sini

Lucky Lucky Foodstore

We know that our fellow Malaysians can't live without spice and Singgah Sini brings the heat to tantalise the tastebuds for those who want to spice things up. Besides satisfying our souls with the country's National dish - Nasi Lemak, the stall is also popular for Nasi Ayam Penyet with fiery sambal and crispy Indonesian style fried chicken.

Lerz Desserts

Lucky Lucky Foodstore

Take a respite from the heat and cool down with some sweet treats from Malaysian home-grown lifestyle beverage bar - Lerz. A celebration of tea creation, treats and desserts, Lerz desserts are made only from natural and fresh ingredients prepared with a burst of love.

Starbucks Coffee

Unit G-05 & 06

Embracing diversity with a menu as unique as you are, Starbucks offers an abundance of the world’s most delicious drinks, each innovatively created and thoughtfully handcrafted by friendly baristas. Whether you are looking to get your daily caffeine fix or a spot to unwind and catch up with friends, Starbucks’ got you covered in this cosy and serene setting right next to the beautiful Taman Tasik Permaisuri. Anyone can truly enjoy a great cup of joe paired with delicious food.


Unit G-07

Located on the Ground floor and directly connected to the hotel, enjoy round-the-clock convenience from 7-Eleven when you are here at Komune Living & Wellness. Offering products such as household items, mobile phone reload cards, beverages, and ready to eat bites like fried rice, pastries, sandwiches, and even freshly-brewed coffee from the 7-Cafe extension of the chain, it's always nice to pop by to see what's in store.

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